Concept Fling - Shuriken Defender (called Flingy Fling in pre-production, and Shuriken Defender during beta testing) is meant to be an homage to older flash games such as Defend the House and Stormwinds. I prepended the "Concept Fling" part of the name just to group it with my other Concept Games, but I used Shuriken Defender in the beta and I didn't want to outright replace it.

In CFSD, players are tasked with defending a village from an endless robot hoard by flinging their shurikens at the oncoming invaders. Between waves, players are offered a choice between two stat upgrades. Periodically, the player will be given the choice of two permanent upgrades that can change the way their shurikens behave and also gives the player another stat to upgrade between waves.

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Tags2D, Arcade, Endless, Godot, Singleplayer, wave-based

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