A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Collect all of the Emotes! Just do it! There's a lot of them and they come from all kinds of funny people including eggs, gold people, and even living memes. Box-A-Mote is meant to be satirical and contains references that the general audience may not understand.

- Over 200 Emotes to Collect
- Level up your Emotes
- 2 Mini-Games to help you earn SALT Coins
- Daily Log In Rewards
- NO Microtransactions or Ads!
- Achievements and Leaderboards*

*enable online services to use these features

Questions, suggestions, or feedback? Email me at neoxid501@gmail.com


Ver 1.0.1 | Hotfix
The next update will include the newer emotes and the mobile version will receive leaderboards for the Arcade

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Published 65 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Android


Box A Mote 1 0 1.exe 17 MB

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